ecoagua MAX


ecoagua MAX is designed for efficient purification and softening hard water due to latest innovative filtration media.


ecoagua MAX

Household water filter

ecoagua MAX is designed for efficient purification and softening hard water. Due to latest innovative filtration media – cartridge Eco-Polymer Max and special combination of ionexchange resins AquaSoft, the ability of filter ecoagua MAX to eliminate scale is 6 times more than that of traditional systems for the water softener! As a result, you can get clean and healthy water for a year, and the filter does not require periodic maintenance (regeneration).

ecoagua MAX filter includes all known water treatment methods: mechanical filtration, ion exchange, adsorption, iron removal and disinfection. Quasi-softening effect of material eco-polymer allows water to saturate with the beneficial calcium (aragonite).

Filter ecoagua MAX features a fundamentally new sequence of stages, so the whole system guarantees high resource and stable highly effective purification from excessive hardness, chlorine, iron, heavy metals, bacteria, and other contaminants throughout the lifetime. Useful elements such as calcium and magnesium remain in purified water.

The ecoagua MAX system uses cartridges Slim Line 10″ standard.

Cartridges ecoagua Max is made of the eco-polymer material and has all of its advantages:

  • High efficient removal of impurities (salts hardness, iron, heavy metals, radio nuclides, chlorine, et al.).
  • Active silver in indelible form suppresses reproduction of retained bacteria.
  • Selfindication of life-time – appearance of scale or reduced water pressure indicates the need to replace the cartridges.
  • Release prevention: all the filtered impurities are permanently trapped in the labyrinth structure of the cartridge.
  • Quasisoftening – during filtration through a cartridge Eco-Polymer water saturated with useful form of calcium – aragonite (prevention of cardiovascular disease). Purified water does not form deposits on the heating elements after boiling.


Suspended solids (rust, sand, algae, and other particles) greater than 0.1 μm100 %
Radioactive and heavy metals (lead, cadmium, copper, strontium-90, cesium)up to 99%
Active chlorine100%
Organic compoundsup to 92%
Hardness saltsup to 50%
Microorganisms and E. coli99,99%
The reducing scaleup to 85%


AquaSoft cartridge removes from water excessive hardness salts. Filter medium is a special blend of ion-exchange resins of food grade quality. The medium allows customer
to prolong capacity for the entire period of work.

Eco=Polymer MAX is unique cartridge designed to purify the hard water. Due to the presence of special ion exchange resins and balanced structure of the material of Eco-Polymer ensured
uninterrupted and quality operation of the cartridge during resource – 1 year.

CBC Ag (carbon block) is cartridge made of activated coconut carbon. It efficiently removes organic and chlorinated organic compounds, free chlorine, unpleasant odors, improves
all organoleptic characteristics of water. Silver impregnated in the cartridge provides a bacteriostatic effect during the entire period of service.


  • Suspended solids content – not more than 8.0 mg / l;
  • Total iron content – not more than 0.3 mg / l;
  • Color – not more than 30 degrees in platinum-cobalt scale;
  • Permanganate oxidation index – less than 5.0 mEq / L.


CartridgeLife time, months.*
Eco-Polymer MAX12
CBC Ag12


1Bracket9Nut chuck 1/4” JG
2Adapter 1/2˝х 1/4˝ JG10Faucet
3Ring sealing11Decorative cup
4Cartridge housings12Rubber gasket
5Tee adapter with valve13Rubber gasket
6Pipe coupling 1/4” JG14Plastic washer
7Cartridges15Nut fastener with a washer
8The covers of the cartridge housings16Piston
17Plastic stopping ring


Dimensions of assembled filter (not longer), mm380х310х140
Recommended filtration rate (max)1,5 l/min
Maximum operating pressure7 atm
The temperature of the treated water+4...+40 °С
Net Weight (max)6,5 kg

The total resource of the system is up to 6 500 l
* Depends on the contamination of the source water



1Filter assembled9Piston
2Wrench10Collet clamp nut 1/4”
3Bottom plug wrench11Plastic stopping ring
4Purified water faucet12Connecting tube 1/4”
5Decorative cap13T-piece adapter with a faucet knob
6Rubber gasket14Instructions
7Plastic washer15Package
8Fastening nut with a washer


Installation should be made by a qualified technician or by representative of the manufacturer! In case of independent installation strictly follow these instructions. It is not recommended to disassemble factory connections without a reason.

Attention! All filter housings have been tested for tightness at high pressure. In order to avoid cracking of Eco-Polimer cartridge it should always be kept moist. At breaks in use of the filter more than 1 month, ensure that the filter housing contain water.

Attention! In case of high pressure in the system (> 6 bar) reducing valve should be installed before the filter. Before starting installation, shut off the cold water valve and release the pressure by opening any valve located downstream of the water supply. Before installing, make sure the filter is securely tightened bulb (if necessary – tighten), and make the connection according to the instructions.

Attention! The position of vertical labels exactly in the center front of the filter does not guarantee the tightness of the connection. Position of labels can change when tightening the threaded connection.


ServiceCartridgeType of service
Appearance of scale / decreasing
of water flow
Eco-Polimer MAX/AkvasoftChange the set of cartridges
Decreasing of purification qualityCBC Ag, ММВChange the set of cartridges


The system is connected to the cold water main line. Remove the filter from the package. Remove the transport seals. To do this, press the collet to the housing of the fitting and remove the plug without effort (Fig. 1). Cut the tube connection set for 2 pieces and connect each input and output of the filter. Attention! Input – the first stage. Output – the third stage. Install the filter in a convenient location for operation.


  • Install the tee adapter (A) on the cold water pipe,sealing the connection (Fig. 1).
  • Insert the nut (B) into the plastic tube (Fig. 2). The tube insert in the ball valve fitting until it stops and tighten the nut (Fig. 3).


Drill a hole in the sink with a diameter of 12 mm.
Make assembly of the tap in the following sequence:

  • Tap
  • A cup decorative
  • The rubber gasket
  • Plastic Washer
  • The rubber washer
  • The nut fastener
  • The lock washers

Secure faucet to sink. Thread the blue tube into the nut (E) (Fig. 2). Insert piston (D) into the tube until it stops. Put the plastic stopping ring at the end of the tube (C) (Fig. 1). Screw the nut onto the threaded rod of the tap (Fig. 3).


Wash the filter before use within 10 minutes at a flow rate about 3 liters / min. Washing of the filter should be performed after each replacing the cartridges, and after a long (more than 5 days) a break in service.

After installing a new filter or changing the cartridges the air could remains inside the system. This leads to excessive aeration of water (the water can be visually milky-white). As the operation of the air filter system will leave, and the purified water get clear.


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Shut off the water inlet (Fig. 1). Open the clean water valve for pressure relief in the system (Fig. 2). Using the wrench, open the filter flask (Fig. 3), check the O-ring and replace it if necessary, and then change the appropriate cartridge (Fig. 4, 5).

It is recommended to grease O-ring with silicone grease before re-installing (do not mix up with a sealant) or Vaseline. Place the flask and tighten the key. Check for leaks (fig. 6), opening the water supply to the filter. The system is ready for operation.


Keep the filter and cartridge from bumps, drops, exposure to freezing temperatures or direct sunlight. Transportation of filters allowed in any enclosed vehicles (other than non-heated compartments of aircraft) in accordance with goods transportation rules, operating in this mode of transport. Storage of filters should be provided in packaged form, at a distance not lass then 1 meter from heaters. Do not expose aerosols, corrosive and odorous substances. Disposal should be provided in accordance with the sanitary, environmental and other requirements established by national standards in the field of environmental protection.

Additional information

Weight6.5 kg


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